COVID Testing Preregistration  for Events at the MVP Arena

Central Ave Pharmacy is excited to have partnered with the MVP Arena to provide COVID testing for events!

Central Ave Pharmacy will be available on-site the day of events to provide COVID testing for those needing to show proof of a negative COVID test.  Testing will be available in the Terrace View room, directly off level 3 of the parking garage.  Signs will be posted on the day of the event and staff will be available to help you locate the testing location.  

Testing will be available for a cost of
$20 per test.  **Please note - this is the same test we provide for FREE in store.  The tests we provide in store are given to us at no charge from the state for the purpose of community screening, testing for an event does not qualify as community screening and therefore we do need to purchase these tests, which is where the cost to you comes in. 

Tests can be paid for with cash or credit.  There will be two options for signup and results: 1.
NAVICA app  or 2.  Paper.
1. NAVICA - you download the app before arrival, securely enter your personal information on your own phone, pay on arrival, get tested and have results sent right to your phone.  (Click here for more info on the app)
2. Paper - you will be provided with paperwork to fill out on arrival, make your payment, get tested, wait 15 minutes for results, get your results on paper to show at entry. 

Please signup below if you plan on attending the event specified and intend on obtaining COVID testing at the site on the day of the event.  


Signing up for the NAVICA App 

Why signup for the app? It will make your testing experience so much smoother! 

The first step in getting ready is downloading the app! Scan this QR code or search NAVICA in your GooglePlay or Apple app store. 

Next, enter your information.

Then, you're done! 

When you arrive on the day of testing, after making your payment, we will scan a QR code from your app called your "NAVICA ID."  We will confirm identity with your photo ID and then link a test to your name. You leave and have results in your app within 15 minutes later.  

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Need to add a dependent to your NAVICA app?

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