Student SignUps  for TU Events

Central Ave Pharmacy is excited to invite Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences Students to participate in COVID testing events at the Times Union Center!

We have established a contract with the TU to provide COVID testing for unvaccinated people attending events with 5000+ guests.  We will provide the Abbott Binax Now test to the public at a fee of $20/test. Some of you may note that we provide this same test for free in the store, these are free tests we acquire from the state; for events we can't use the free tests since it is not considered community screening - so we have to purchase these tests, therefore there is a charge.  

We need students to administer the testing, interpret results, hand out paperwork and control the flow of people. We will pay students $15/hour, including training.  If you wish to be paid you must fill out your SSN and HOME address - this is how we will issue you a 1099 for tax purposes.  You must be authorized to work in the US.

All events will take place at the TU unless otherwise specified.  The TU is located 1.9 miles from the college, an 8 minute drive.  Ideally everyone would carpool over, if you sign up and are unsure how you will get there please reach out to me directly at 

Tee shirts will be provided on the day of the event - these will be short sleeve tee shirts, I don't know how the temperature will be so please plan accordingly.  The tee shirt should be your top layer, no jackets or hoodies covering the logos - a long sleeved shirt underneath should be fine for most!

The dates of events are listed below for you to sign up - please signup for as many dates as you are available.    


If you'd like to prepare a bit in advance, you can check out Binax's training modules.