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We specialize in creating quality, natural, menthol-based lozenges. Boston, England is where we were established in 1907, and it’s where we make our drops to this very day.


Yes, England has a Boston! Jakemans is very well known there, too, because many of our local citizens have been crafting our drops here for more than a century. But now we are also in America, sharing our love for natural, effective goodness through our Throat & Chest lozenges. You will notice our lozenges feel different in your mouth. That’s because they are formed from a droplet, not compressed and stamped out by a machine. The result is more smoothness and less brittleness. Throat & Chest lozenges tend to melt down rather than crack into shards. Which is good, because you want a drop to feel more, not less comfortable.

Jakemans Throat & Chest Lozenges - Honey & Lemon


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