Here comes a much needed splash of cold water...

Updated: Feb 11

There is no need to panic. Let me repeat... there is no need to panic!!!

We’re talking about the Wuhan Coronavirus here. This article is written to metaphorically splash you with cold water, offering some relief from the panic-inducing media coverage showing workers in full hazmat suits disinfecting whole buildings with spray guns. This is a very dramatic portrayal of what is actually going on. Most people who are infected are sitting home with a minor flu-like illness cheering on the cement mixers and diggers from the live stream showing the new hospitals being built. <>

While we should not deny the seriousness of the deaths that have occurred, we also have to remember not to let it send us into full on panic mode. The individuals that have unfortunately passed are those who were already ill, elderly or have weakened immune systems; our hearts go out to those who have lost a loved one. This does indicate however, that those who are active and healthy are much more likely to have a minor illness.

In the US, we have very little reason to panic, there are only a handful of cases so far and those are all mild and have been contained. Yes, if it becomes more widespread in the US then those of us who are elderly or have weakened immune systems should take precautions and avoid those infected. However, the rest of us can practice basic hygiene with frequent hand washing, avoid touching public surfaces and avoid those who are ill.

Now, here come the facts. Please remember, as stated above, these facts are not intended to scare you, just inform you of the statistics.

About the Virus:

· A coronavirus is a virus that typically infects animals but can occasionally jump over to humans, similar to SARS and MERS.

· Coronavirus infections cause symptoms such as fever, cough, shortness of breath; and can occasionally lead to more severe states such as pneumonia.

· The virus spreads via aerosolized droplets from the mouths of those infected.

· The incubation period is the time from when you are first exposed to the virus until the time when you first start showing symptoms. It is estimated that the incubation period for this virus is 10-14 days. It is not clear yet, but it is suspected that during the incubation period you are contagious.

About the Outbreak:

· There are over 42,708 confirmed cases in China – it is suspected that the number of actual cases is much higher, this is due to an inability to access healthcare facilities due to overcrowding. Additionally, those with very minor forms of the illness may not seek treatment.

· There are over 393 confirmed cases in 29 other countries.

· In the US there are 12 confirmed cases - located in California, Washington, Arizona, Illinois, Wisconsin and Massachusetts.

· There have been over 1,000 confirmed deaths, all but 2 occurred within China.

Current CDC Recommendations:

· Avoid all unnecessary travel to China.

· Wash your hands frequently with soap and water.

· Avoid those who are sick.

Overall, we have to remember that the media wants to scare us – when we’re scared we tune in to the news more, demand more content and consume more products, all of which is good for the networks. Remember to listen to the healthcare professionals you trust to provide you with the information you need to keep your family safe. Right now, in the US, our best course of action is to donate to those in need, stay up to date on the facts and keep living our lives as normal. Most importantly, DO NOT PANIC!

Splash complete.

Oh, one more thing, just to clarify, the Wuhan Coronavirus has nothing to do with Corona beer.


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**The information in this article is based on the most up to date information as of 12:00PM on 2/11/2020**

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