Customized Vitamin Subscriptions

Have you ever walked down the vitamin aisle, only to be overwhelmed by the excessive number of choices?  Well our pharmacist can help with that!  Take our quick survey to determine your vitamin needs and our pharmacist will make a recommendation based on your needs.  

How does it work?

Start by taking our survey - it will ask questions about your current health issues, goals and current medications.  

Our pharmacist will then make a recommendation on which vitamins or supplements you should be taking.  We will also outline what you will receive based on which subscription plan you choose.  

Then, if you accept our pharmacist's recommendation you will select a subscription plan - we will mail you your customized vitamin package each month.  In addition to the vitamins, you will also receive monthly health tips and recommendations.


If I take the survey and get your pharmacist's recommendation, am I required to purchase a plan? 

Absolutely not!  If you don't like the recommendation, have changed your mind or simply want to purchase the recommended vitamins elsewhere, go right ahead!  Our advice is always free!  

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time!  If you have already paid we can offer a refund up to the time that the package ships.  We do not accept returns on vitamins.

What brand vitamins do you use?

We use Sundown vitamins, however if something is out stock in that brand we may substitute another.