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Participants Needed!

Here at Central Ave Pharmacy we're very excited to be facilitating a Label Comprehension Feasibility Study.  We are looking for participants for a brief research study.  Those who participate will be compensated with a $30 Visa gift card!

You can schedule yourself in the scheduling tool below. Available M-F now through December 31st

**now extended through January 3rd**

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Label Comprehension Feasibility Study?

On every over the counter medication there is a Drug Facts label - this label is there to provide information to the consumer on how to use the product, provide warnings and give guidance on when to seek additional help from a medical professional. A label comprehension study is done to assure that the information on that Drug Facts label is easily understood by the general public.

What is required of participants?

1. You will be given a short verbal assessment to determine the extent of your medical knowledge. 2. You will be given a Drug Facts label to read. 3. Sarah, our friendly pharmacist, will ask you some questions about the label to gauge your understanding. 4. You will be thanked for your participation with a $30 Visa gift card.

Is everyone eligible?

Yes (mostly)! The great thing about Label Comprehension studies is that their goal is to assess everyones' ability to comprehend the label. The basic requirments are: - You must be 18 years old - You must be able to read and write in english - You must never have been trained as a healthcare professional - You should not be employed by Central Ave Pharmacy or Center Point - You should not have participated in a market research study, product label study or clinical trial within the last 12 months

How do I sign up?

You can schedule yourself in a timeslot below, or you can simply stop by the pharmacy and we can fit you in!

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