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Healthy Start FREE Kids Vitamin Program

Ideally, children should get their nutrition from a balanced, healthy diet. At Central Ave Pharmacy we understand that with your busy schedule, those well-rounded, home-cooked meals aren't always possible. That's why pediatricians may recommend a daily multivitamin or mineral supplement for your child.

Our program offers each child in your family, ages 2-12, a FREE 30-day supply (dosage: ages 2 to 3 years chew ½ tablet per day, ages 4 to 12 years chew 1 tablet per day) of Animal Shapes Children's Chewable Complete Multi-Vitamins each month.

Fill out this form and bring it into the pharmacy to receive your first month’s supply of Animal Shapes Children’s Chewable Complete Multi-Vitamins absolutely free.

Vitamins do not replace a healthy diet – children and adults of all ages should continue to eat a healthy, well-balanced diet.  Ask your pharmacist for healthy eating tips!