COVID-19 Testing at the Pharmacy

**Please be sure to check back often for updates, our testing policies change as the demand for testing changes**

All Testing is available Monday - Friday from 10AM - 5PM and Saturday from 11AM-3PM

There are no appointments required - tests are available on a first come, first served walk-in basis. 




When you arrive, if there is a line outside, this is the line for testing, hop on in!  If there is no line, please come inside, an employee will greet you and direct you where to go.

Depending on how many people are waiting we will either:

  1. Hand you a form to fill out in store OR

  2. Take your name and number, hand you a form to fill out in your car or elsewhere outside the store.  We will then text you when it is time to come inside.

Once we take your completed form, we will direct you to wait in a designated area until you are called into the testing room.

Once in the testing room, our pharmacist or intern will guide you through the testing process.  You will then be instructed on where to wait for your results.  Your results will be ready 15-20 minutes after completing the test - depending on which test you're doing.

You will receive a printed statement with your results. 

Types of Testing Available

1. Rapid Antigen - testing for active infection, these tests are always FREE regardless of insurance, results in 15 min. 
2. Rapid PCR -  testing for active infection, cost is $120. payment due at time of testing, results in 30 min.
3. Standard PCR (CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE) - testing for an active infection, sample sent to lab,
lab bills insurance, results in 24 hours.


We are now utilizing the NAVICA app with our Rapid Antigen test! 

The NAVICA app is a total game changer when it comes to annoying paperwork!  With the app you enter all of your personal information directly on your phone - you simply tell us your name and hand us your insurance card to copy on check-in.  We call you in by name for testing and once you're done you can leave because results will be sent directly to your phone! 

Download before arrival to
have everything ready to go! 

Need to add a dependent
to the app?  Easy peasy!