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Pharmacy compounding is a beautiful combination of art and science that requires a certain set of skills, passion for the craft and a desire to help others.  With compounding we can create dosages and dosage forms that are unique to the individual.  Commercially available pharmaceutical products are limited while compounding is unlimited.  

Compounding of any product requires a prescription from a licensed physician. If you and your doctor are struggling to find a form of a medication that works for you, give us a call!

We can compound to:

  • Create unique dosing options suited to the individual

  • Create unique dosage forms that are not commercially available such as transdermal gels, chews, lollipops, suppositories and troches

  • Create dosage forms free of allergy-inducing excipients like dyes, sugar, lactose, preservatives or alcohol

  • Combine multiple medications into a single dosage for easier administration

Dalmatian Dog

Veterinary Compounding

For your beloved pet we can create dosage forms that change medicine time from a feared battle to a loveable moment.  We create treats with medications so that your furry friend won't even know he's taking his medicine while he's gobbling up that tasty treat! We can also compound medications into transdermal gels that are applied to the ear, your kitty will appreciate his ear scratch while you're administering his medication!

Important Points

  • We do not bill insurance for compounds. Some insurances may pay for compounded medication, you can call your insurance to find out for sure.  If they say something is covered you will have to pay out of pocket and submit to them for reimbursement. We can always work with you to find the best solution that is affordable.

  • Pet insurnace is the same, you can submit the claim to them for reimbursement but there is no guarantee it will be covered.

  • We only compound non-sterile dosage forms so we do not compound: injectables, eye drops, nasal sprays or inhalers.

  • We cannot compound anything without a prescription, not even over the counter products.

  • We generally require 24 hours for all compounds, if there is medical urgency as determined by the prescribing physician we may be able to complete in less time.

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