Pharmacy compounding is a beautiful combination of art and science that requires a certain set of skills, passion for the craft and a desire to help others.  With compounding we can create dosages and dosage forms that are unique to the individual.  Commercially available pharmaceutical products are limited while compounding is unlimited.  

Compounding of any product requires a prescription from a licensed physician. If you and your doctor are struggling to find a form of a medication that works for you, give us a call!

We can compound to:

  • Create unique dosing options suited to the individual

  • Create unique dosage forms that are not commercially available such as transdermal gels, chews, lollipops, suppositories and troches

  • Create dosage forms free of allergy-inducing excipients like dyes, sugar, lactose, preservatives or alcohol

  • Combine multiple medications into a single dosage for for easier administration

Veterinary Compounding